Accounting Questions

There are many accounting questions you may have for your small business, here we have tried to answer as many as we can. Our topics include everything your business may need to get up and running right through to completing your year end returns.

Bookkeeping Questions

What are fixed assets?
How do I calculate depreciation?
What is credit control?
What is double entry bookkeeping?
What is a purchase invoice?
How to do a sales invoice?
How to do stock control

VAT Questions

How to register for VAT
What is the UK VAT Threshold?
What is flat rate VAT?
How do you get a VAT number?
How do you deregeister for VAT?
What are the current VAT rates?
What is Annual Accounting VAT?
What is Cash Accounting VAT?

Registering a Business Questions

Why form a Limited company?
How to register a company in the UK
How to register as Self-Employed
How to form a partnership
How to name your business

General Business

What is business banking?
What is business insurance?
What's a business plan?

If you have an accounting questions which is not listed above, why not drop us a message and we may be able to answer your question and add it to the site. Email me