Balance Sheet Template

Download your free balance sheet template below. It is a vital report for all businesses to produce as it shows at any time how much money a business has or owes.

As part of the year-end accounts for a Limited company, you will need to produce the report for Companies House; this template will not be suitable for this. Your accountant will be able to format the accounts to be submitted.

Balance Sheet Template - Excel

It is worth reading our section on Balance Sheet first. It explains all the different sections including; fixed assets, depreciation, current assets, current liabilities and equity.

If you use business accounting software, then the best report for your business can be found within the software. If you are looking for free accounting software, we offer a free package, which will produce reports for you.

Instructions for Balance Sheet Template

Follow the links below to download your template. At the top enter your business name and the date to which it refers.

You will then need to enter all the figures you have available from your accounts. Once the numbers are posted the net assets and total equity should balance, if they do not, you will need to check your figures again.

If you are after a Balance Sheet to complete your accounts at Companies House, you will need to either use an Accountant or Accounting software which can produce it for you.

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Balance Sheet Template


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