Bookkeeping Home Based Business

Bookkeeping Home Based Business

A bookkeeping home based business can be very rewarding, especially when you have built up the business.

Most people starting a bookkeeping company prefer to work from home so that they can work the hours to suit their lives. You can do bookkeeping working around family, holidays and a second job. Some businesses will prefer for a bookkeeper to work on site so that none of the paperwork is taken off-site.

It can sometimes be difficult working from home, you need to be motivated, organise your time well and make sure you do not have too many distractions, or you could end up working very long hours to get the work done

You will need to have a quiet place at home to work where you can work uninterrupted, with plenty of space for filing and paperwork. You’ll also need a PC, printer and internet connection. You may also find a fax machine useful, although most businesses these days tend to use a scanner and email.

If you are completing bookkeeping working from home, it is worth considering using a telephone reception service or virtual office to answer the phone for you when you are not available. To your customers, it sounds smart and professional and means they always get to speak to a human being rather than a telephone answering machine when they phone up.

It is fairly easy to get your telephone diverted so that when you are busy, the calls are routed through to a professional telephone receptionist. They can then take a message for you and forward it on via e-mail.

Bookkeeping Home Based Business Expenses

If you are working from home, make sure you claim back any company expenses including phone, books, software, computers. You can claim back a percentage of your home utility bill or a fixed monthly rate. Read more on claiming business expenses.

Accounts Software

Most of the accounting packages offer an accountant version. Where you can sign up for free and purchase licences at a reduced rate for potential clients. You can also complete your accounts within the software. Using one software package for all your clients does make it easier, but as you take clients on you will probably find they use different packages.

Bookkeeping Home Based Business – Qualifications

If you are a qualified accountant or bookkeeper all the accounting bodies, offer a member in practice scheme. They can also cover you for anti-money laundering and possibly reduced insurance. Anti-money laundering can also be obtained directly through HMRC.

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