Depreciation Calculator

Use our free online depreciation calculator to work out the depreciation for your business.

If you are unsure which method to use, have a look at straight-line depreciation and reducing balance depreciation.

Straight Line depreciation calculator

If you are using the straight-line depreciation method and want to calculate for more than one asset, why not download our free Excel template depreciation schedule.

Straight Line Depreciation Calculator(JavaScript)
Historical Cost of Goods
Number of years to depreciate over

Annual Depreciation Amount
Monthly Depreciation Amount
Depreciation Period =
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To use this calculator first enter the cost price of the fixed asset, then enter the number of years you are planning to use the asset over.
If your calculation requires a residual value at the end of the asset life, you will need to reduce the asset value by the residual value and enter that figure.

Reducing balance depreciation calculator

If you are unsure of the percentage to use for depreciation, you will need to speak to an accountant to confirm the figure.

Reducing Balance Method Depreciation Calculator(JavaScript)
Original Cost of Goods
Annual Depreciation Rate%

Year 1 Depreciation Amount
Year 1 Written Down Value
Year 2 Depreciation Amount
Year 2 Written Down Value
Year 3 Depreciation Amount
Year 3 Written Down Value
Year 4 Depreciation Amount
Year 4 Written Down Value
Year 5 Depreciation Amount
Year 5 Written Down Value
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To use the calculator, you will need to enter the value of the asset and then the percentage of depreciation for each year.

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