Excel Cash Book Instructions

Our Cash book template has been designed for ease of use, but there are a few simple steps to set up your spreadsheet. We have also created a demonstration video to help get you started.

  • Download the free template from here
  • Open up the instructions Tab
  • In highlighted boxes enter your business Name, bank opening balance and month you wish to start

Free Excel cash book instructions

Cash Book Instructions Codes

  • Open up the Account Codes tab
  • Enter up to 3 sales codes e.g. sales of product, sales consultancy, sales postage
  • Enter up to 8 purchase codes e.g. Cost of Sales, rent, post, insurance, postage

Cash book account codes

The setup is now complete and you are ready to post your first transaction. Open up the tab for the month you are posting the transactions. From your paperwork or bank statement enter the date, customer or supplier name, reference number to make it easier to find and amount.

On the ‘choose account’ use the drop down arrow to select the account code that you have already setup that you wish the transaction to be posted to.

The amount will then be posted to the correct column and show in the totals page.

If you are working from your bank statement then the balance in the cash book template should equal your bank statement. If there is a difference you need to check that everything is entered correctly.

A full example of how the spreadsheet can be found below:

View Cash Book Example

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