Excel Cash Book Template Extended

Excel cash book template extended for small business

Our Excel cashbook template extended edition offers all the standard version features but has been designed for more transactions and account codes for a larger business.

Our Extended version is now FREE, once downloaded and saved onto your computer it can be used as many times as you want.

Do I need Cashbook standard version or extended?

Find below a table showing the differences between the 2 templates to help make your decision:

 Standard VersionExtended Version
Income Codes35
Expenses Codes813
Transaction lines4095

All the other features are the same; your business name can appear on each page, income and expenses code names can be changed to suit your business and years profit and Loss printed on 1 page

Download of the full version can be found below.

For further information about the standard version of the template, please follow the links. If you are not sure if the spreadsheet suitable for your business, but you need the extended version then why not download the standard version
and have a look first to see if it is suitable.

Licence Agreement

To download your Excel cash book template extended, you must agree to our licence agreement

By clicking on the link, you agree to the licence agreement.

Need to upgrade Excel Cash Book?

If you are already using the standard version but need something bigger during the year then follow the simple instructions, so all your figures are on one spreadsheet, this does only works using a month that is complete:

  • Print off the totals page from your standard version

  • Download the extended version and open it

  • Enter the business name on the instructions page

  • Enter bank opening balance and amount the same as standard version instructions page

  • From the printout enter the totals column against each account code in the month that was used last, e.g. if your last month was March enter the totals against each account code during March.

  • Check your opening balance is the same on the following month as final balance on the standard version.

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