Excel Timesheet Template

Free Excel Timesheet Template

Our Excel timesheet template is easy to use and free to download. Excel is a great way to record hours worked either by yourself, by an employee or contractor. We also look at free timesheet software available.

What is a Timesheet?

A timesheet is a table that allows a staff member to enter the hours worked during a period.

Why use Timesheets?

There may be several reasons why you decide to start using a time sheet for your business.

  • More and more people are now working from home, and it is harder to check the hours they work. Using a timesheet will help to record the hours worked.
  • You may pay staff by the hour and timesheets are an excellent way to record hours worked.
  • You may need to allocate time work against a specific project. Our free timesheet template allows you to do that, as there are columns for customer and reference.
  • In a business, there may be more time used on admin tasks than you expect. A timesheet will help you to look at the efficiency of the company.
  • When you receive the timesheet, you can calculate how many hours you can bill a customer.
  • By keeping track of hours worked, you can see if a project has overspent and adjust for future quotations.
  • A line manager can approve timesheets.
  • A time sheet can be for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

An important consideration when introducing time management is to explain to the employees why you are doing it. Some staff will not like to be kept tags on, but

What Period Should I use a Timesheet for?

There are several options for a timesheet period; most businesses would use a week or month. The choice will depend on the reason for introducing the timesheet.

If it is for invoicing purposes, you may want to invoice the customer every week or month.

If you run a monthly payroll, then monthly is sufficient.

Free Excel Timesheet Template

As with all our templates, the Excel monthly timesheet template is free to download using the link at the bottom of the page. We have no advertising on the templates, and they are free for life.

How to use our Excel Timesheet Template

  • Download the template
  • Save it to either a hard disk or cloud storage
  • If you want to add a company logo, insert it at the top
  • In cell 2E you can add weekly or monthly to the word timesheet
  • Complete your name and date
  • Start adding the time worked in the table
  • Reference number might be a project that you are working on or purchase order number
  • Add customer name if there is one
  • Description of work – add as much or little detail as needed

The timesheet example below will help to get you started.

Excel Timesheet Template Example
Excel Timesheet Template Example

As you add hours to the sheet, the total at the bottom is automatically updated. In the timesheet example above, the total hours worked are 26.5 and 1.5 was on administration duties.

Once the timesheet is complete, either share it online or email it to the correct person. It might be to a line manager for approval or the business owner.

There are many different Excel Timesheet Templates available online, and it may take a while to find the most suitable one for your business. Most will only record the total time and do not allow detail added.

Alternatives to Excel Timesheet

We created the Excel timesheet for a client following their requirements. They wanted something simple for employees to use, and Excel fitted their needs.

We have also looked into free online apps and have taken a trial of Clookify. They also offer a paid version, but I was surprised how much was available for free. The good news is that the free version is free forever. At the time of writing this, they scored 4.7 out of 5 on 1400 reviews.

Advantages to Clookify Timesheet Software

Below are some of the advantages of using Clookify:

  • Hours are added either through the website or app
  • Hours added by start and stop timer (real time) or manual
  • Add Clients and project details to record against
  • Lots of reports including by team member, client, project and task
  • Reports exported by Excel or PDF
  • Approve timesheets online by manager
  • Easy to keep track of all staff in one place
  • Easy to see billable work to a client.

The main disadvantage I found on the free version is that all staff members can see the hours work for the other staff. It is part of the paid version and starts at $9.99 per month.

Having tried Clookify, I would certainly, for most projects, choose it over using Excel Spreadsheets.

Download our Free Excel Timesheet Template

By downloading the Excel Spreadsheet, you agree to our licence agreement.

As with all our templates, the simple timesheet template is easy to use and free to download. It can be used with Google sheets.

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