Fixed Asset Software

Fixed Asset Software - free excel template

The type of fixed asset software that you use will depend on the size of your business and the value of the assets. The choices available are designing your own spreadsheet, using an off the shelf package or getting a bespoke package designed for you.

Depreciation Schedule

It is also possible to use barcode integration with a Microsoft Excel template.

Fixed Asset Software Packages

Fixed Asset Software starts from relatively straight forward asset registers that identify each unique asset and its last known location, through to complete barcode or RF tag tracking systems, complete with barcode label printers and handheld scanners in order to make auditing quick and easy.

The best-known brand of Fixed Asset Software is Wasp. Over the past few years, Wasp has built up a good reputation based on its ease of use, simplicity, and flexibility.

Its key benefits are its flexibility: a business can start with a basic Wasp system now and then expand the system as the business grows. Top of the range Wasp asset systems include handheld scanners and barcode label printers and yet cost a fraction of the number of similar systems from other suppliers.

Fixed Asset Software Bespoke System

If you are a large company or do not have the knowledge to install and set up an off the shelf package than there are companies who can design a bespoke system for you. This will cost a lot more money, but you will get a system designed for your requirements.

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