Free Cash Receipts Templates

Free cash receipts templates for customers

To download our free cash receipts templates for Microsoft Excel, follow the download link at the bottom of this page.

If a customer pays by cash they may require a cash receipt, this gives them proof of the service or product they purchased, how much they paid and the date of payment and is also a great way of keeping clear business records for your company.

There are many reasons why a customer may pay by cash, including; sales at a show or exhibition, rent of a property, local sales online through places like Facebook and selling to friends and family. Cash is used less and less in business now as payments by debit card, PayPal and bank transfers are far more common.

Proper use of a cash receipt template UK maybe if you attend fairs and wish to record all your sales. It also will give the customer your details if they want to purchase further goods or services in the future.

How to use our free cash receipts templates

The templates are set up as two cash receipts per sheet; you can either print them off and fill them in by hand or complete them on the screen. There is space on the right-hand side to enter your business details, we have left this blank so you can put your logo, address, name or contact details.

As with any accounting document, keep a duplicate copy for your records; to achieve this using duplicate paper in between two sheets or printing two copies. Keep the sales receipt in a file by either date order or by customer.

It is worth adding as much detail to the receipt as possible if you then need to look at the form for any reason you will know what it is for.

Each cash receipt will need the following details completed:

  • Date – This is the date that a cash payment received.
  • Receipt Number – If you have a few cash transactions, it may make it easier to track them by using a numerical sequence.
  • Description – Enter a full description of the cash purchase.
  • Quantity – Enter the number here
  • Price – Enter the unit price
  • Signature – This is to confirm that you received the payment

If you are entering the figures on the computer, all the totals will automatically calculate for you.

You should keep all accounting documents for at least six years, ensure that you have a good filing system in place. The best way to file sales receipts is by date order.

Sales Receipt PDF

If you are after a sales receipt PDF, complete all the business details and delete all the sections that are required blank to complete by hand. The document can then be printed, under the printer type choose print as pdf. Then save the document in a folder. Full details on how to complete this are on Adobe.

Word Receipt Template

We also have a Word receipt template with full instructions and a free download.  You can complete the document within Word and email to the client. If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Word there are free alternatives available including Libre Office. It includes most of the features of Microsoft.

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