Free Excel Business Expense Template

Free Excel business expense template
We have created a free Excel business expense template for you to download. There are 2 to choose from depending if you are VAT registered or not. They are both simple to use and will allow you to include the detail of your expense.

We have a section on claiming business expenses, which is a good place to start if you are not sure what expenses you can claim. If you work for a business, most will have rules set in place for claiming expenses and normally have their own forms.

Instructions for Business Expense Template

Download the correct template below, depending on if you are registered for VAT or not. The templates are created to calculate all the figures for you; this is especially useful if you are VAT registered.

Complete the section on the top right including name, date and if needed authorisation signature. Each expense will need a separate line, if you have a receipt to claim that has several different expenses on it; then you will need to have a line for each type.

VAT Mileage

If you are VAT registered and claiming mileage at 45p per mile, you can only claim part of the amount as VAT. This amount varies depending on fuel type and engine size. These figures are reglulary updated by HMRC, and you will need to check back if there is a new version of the template, with new rates.

Our VAT template has taken the different rates into account, to choose the correct rate use the drop down list to choose fuel type and engine size.

Receipt Details

From the receipt enter the date, who the receipt is from, the receipt or invoice number and a brief description. All this information is useful if you ever need to refer back to a receipt.

Free Excel Business Expense Template – Accounts Code

There is a drop down list of different accounts codes that can be used. Click on the arrow and the list will appear, then click on the code required. This will automatically post the figures to the correct column.

Total mileage

If you are claiming mileage, then enter the total number of miles claimed, this is calculated at 45p per mile. If you claim for over 10,000 per miles in the year, you will need to contact us for a different template. The mileage figure will be calculated as a total at the bottom. There are special rules for claiming VAT on mileage as you can only claim for the petrol element of the allowance. The current figure is 16p per mile, which is shown below the table. If this figure changes then you can adjust the VAT element figure.

Gross Amount

Enter the total amount that you wish to claim against the account code.

VAT rate

If you are VAT registered, then enter the VAT percentage as shown on the invoice. The current standard rate is 20 percent. All the figures will then be calculated for you.

Expense Template Totals

The bottom row on the expense template will give you the grand total, VAT amount and each expense type total. These are the amounts that need to be entered into your accounts.

Changes to expense form

If you need any changes to the expenses form, then please email the details. There would be a small fee normally £5 for small changes

Licence Agreement

To download your free expense form you must agree to our licence agreement

By clicking on the link you agree to the licence agreement.

Download Expenses Template Non VAT

Download Expense Template Inc VAT


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