Free Rent Receipt Template

Are you looking for a free rent receipt template? We have several available to download, including Excel, Word and also review software options. All our templates are simple to use and printable.

As a landlord, keeping track of your rental properties is an essential part of the business.  You want to ensure that the tenant is happy and that you keep track of income.

Before any documents are issued, check that you are complying with the rules and regulations with your country or state. If you are unsure check with a legal advisor.

Excel Rent Receipt Template

Why is a Rent Receipt so Important?

It is crucial for both the tenant and landlord to keep track of payments.

As a landlord, you need to keep track of all your income and expenditure for tax purposes. The tenancy agreement signed states the amount payable each period.

As a tenant, you want proof that you have paid for your rent, especially if paid by cash, as there is no other record. The receipt is valid whether it is a piece of paper, emailed as a document or shared on cloud software.

The safest way to pay for rent if you can is by either bank transfer, direct debit or cheque. It will mean you will have a record of the transaction on the bank statement. If payment is by cheque, the receipt should be issued when it has cleared the bank.

Landlord Rent Receipt

Our free rent receipt template is simple to use, and you can add all the information that is required, including:

  • Address
  • Date
  • Rental Period
  • Tenant address
  • Amount paid
  • Method of payment
  • Signature

If you are a company to make it official print it on letterhead paper.

The first template is for money received from a tenant and is available in Excel, Word or a PDF. We have also produced a receipt log, that is useful for recording regular payments from a tenant in one place. The register is equivalent to a rent receipt book which is available to purchase on Amazon.

How to use the Rent Receipt Template

Download the rent receipt template at the end of this page and open it in Excel.

Add your details to the landlord section, including name, address, telephone number and Email. Save it, which will act as a master template.

Enter the details of your first property and tenant, and save it again using the address or tenant name as the file name. It will avoid having to complete the same information each time you issue a new rent receipt.

When you receive a payment, complete the rest of the details including date of payment, rental period, method of payment (cheque, cash, transfer), receipt number and amount.

If you are providing a paper copy, print it off and sign it, for emails or documents shared on the cloud type in your name in the signature.

Save the completed form as a new file name; it will mean you have records of all the transactions.

If you visit the client to collect cash, print off two copies and use carbon paper in between to record the details on both copies.

Printable Rent Receipt Example

Below is a rent receipt example. The example we use is cash received for the rental period of January 2020.

Rent Receipt Template Example

Rent Receipt Letter

You might prefer to send a rent receipt letter to the client.

Below are templates for a Word rent receipt letter. These are both simple to complete and either hand them to the client or email them.


Rent Receipt Letter Template in Word

Instructions for Rent Receipt letter

The rent receipt letter template in Word is simple to use. Download the template using the link at the end of the page. 

Enter the details for the landlord, you can use the tab key to jump to the next item to change. On the date use the drop-down arrow to select a date. Complete the remaining form and save it to your computer. The letter can then be printed or emailed to the payee.

Rent Receipt Book

Another option is to use a rent receipt book. It is useful, especially if the client doesn’t pay the full balance on time and keeps track of how much is outstanding. Books are available to purchase on Amazon, or you can use our template.

Start by entering the tenant name and address and the outstanding amount of rent. When a payment is due, record the date and amount. When payment is received enter payment date and the amount received. Calculate the account balance and sign for the payment.

Below is an example of the rent received log.

Rent Receoved Log Book Example

Rental Software

There are other options, which in the long term, might save you time. The first is to look at Landlord software. The advantage of this is that you can complete everything in one place.  Features include legal documents, mortgage loans, contacts for suppliers, accounting, bank feeds, tasks and lots of reports. The software provides login for the tenant as well.

The software I reviewed is Landlord Vision the cost is £3.97 up to 3 properties and increases as you add further rentals. They have a free demo you can sign up for to ensure it is suitable for the business.

Accounting software is also suitable, ideal if you have another business. The software will allow you to issue invoices, set up recurring invoices, record receipts, bank feeds, track expenditure. Software packages in the UK are XERO and QuickBooks. A free option is Pandle; it has lots of features of a paid-for solution.

To assist in your accounting, we have produced further bookkeeping templates, including cash book, budget and petty cash.

Free Rent Receipt Downloads

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