Sage Instant Accounts

This is our Sage Instant Accounts review, having seen the accounting software in use I have been impressed with the improvements that have been made.

Sage has worked hard over the last few years to make their software user-friendly. Sage has been the software package that accountants have recommended but end users find it difficult to use – this is no longer the case. As someone who has experience in accounts, I found Sage Instant Accounts easy to navigate.

On the opening screen are some easy quick links for setting up the company, a demo company to look at if you are not sure of how to do something, tutorial videos, and help. On one side of the software is a list of the different modules available for customers, suppliers, company, and bank. Click on any of these modules and it takes you to a screen giving you the different options available in each module.
Sage Instant Accounts Review

The software is quick and easy to post new transactions and find and change previous transactions. There are a vast number of reports available and you can even set up your own reports. Sales invoices can easily be formatted with your own design, saved as a PDF and emailed directly to your customer.

If you have used accounting packages before then Sage may be the one for you, but if you are a non-accounts person there are a few more packages out there which you may find easier to use.

One of the features that we found during our Sage Instant Accounts review that QuickBooks does not have is VAT flat rate scheme. If you run this scheme for your VAT then Sage may be ideal. Sage can create all your VAT reports and send them directly to HMRC.

There are other Sage options available including Sage One Cashbook and Sage One Accounts, these are both online software and the rates are £5 per month for the Cashbook and £10 for the accounts. Sage One Cashbook is aimed at the small business which is self-employed. One advantage of this is that there is no fixed contract so if you find it too complicated you can cancel your contract.

If you need to keep track of your stock then you will need to purchase the next level package Sage Instant Access Plus. If you are a medium sized business then their Line 50 accounts may be more suitable for your needs.

Sage Instant Accounts Review – Costs

Sage Instant accounts retails at £120 plus VAT and Sage Instant accounts plus £200 plus VAT. We have managed to find it cheaper.

Other Accounts software to consider

QuickBooks produce a good alternative to Sage, take a look at our QuickBooks software review. It is also worth reviewing the cloud accounting software available, most of these offer a free trial to give you the opportunity to try before you buy.

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