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Self-employed tax calculator U

A self employed tax calculator UK can be a very useful tool if you are either self-employed or in a business partnership. It can be a nasty shock if you get to the year end and you submit your tax return to HMRC and then realise that you have not calculated your tax correctly over the year.

If you are in self employment the chances are you will not receive a regular income and your tax and national insurance contributions will change from month to month. You will need to calculate you tax for the whole year or a monthly average.

I was recently looking for a calculator to help work out my own tax for the year and it took a long time to find one. HMRC have one on their website, called the ready reckoner. It will provide a total tax due for a month and year, but does not take into account any change in tax code.

If you have a different tax code then this calculator will take it into account self-employed tax calculator . It also gives a breakdown of when payments are due to HMRC.

Employed and self employed tax calculator UK

If you are employed and self employed, different rules may apply once you reach certain levels on both tax and National Insurance. This can be much more complicated to calculate, but I have found a self employed tax calculator that will take everything into account.

You will need to enter your employed gross wage, self-employed annual income and expenditure, tax code and student loan if you have one. It will then show you a breakdown of tax and national insurance for both types of work as well as a total. Employed and self employed tax calculator.

Figures Tax Calculator

If you are self-employed you will need to get the taxable figures from the profit and loss account.

There are several options for producing a profit and loss, using self-employed bookkeeping software or Excel cash-book template.

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