Simple Mileage Log

Simple Mileage Log TemplateAre you looking for a simple mileage log? Our template can be used either in Excel or downloaded as a PDF to print and keep in your vehicle. If it is kept in your vehicle, you can record each journey at the time. It may save you forgetting any journeys. You can also record your mileage on the Excel template on the go.

Claiming business expenses as an employee means that you are not out of pocket on money paid out. As self-employed, it can help to reduce your tax bill.

Why keep a mileage tracking sheet

In the UK you can claim back up to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and then 25p per mile. HMRC require you to keep records of all transactions which includes claims for car use. Business miles for self-employed can also be claimed.

Simple Mileage Log – Information Needed

It is important to keep full details of each trip, the information needed is:

  • Date of journey
  • Reason for travel, this can include customer and job description
  • Miles travelled

There are two different versions of the form simple mileage log Excel and PDF. The version you download will depend if you want to keep a paper version in your vehicle. The other option is to download an Excel version and either update it on the go or return.

Why It’s Important to Keep A Mileage Log

Although when you file your business accounts, a full breakdown may not be required. If HMRC does any checks, they may wish to see paperwork relating to business expenses. Having a valid log of all your business trips will help to show them that you try and keep your records complete.

You need to ensure that you only claim for business miles, do not include claims between home and a normal place of work.

Claiming other business expenses

There may be other business expenses that you need to claim. We have a complete guide on what you can claim and expense templates to record all the information. Other expenses may include, meals, stationery, home office and other sundries.

If you prefer to record all your business expenses in one place, take a look at our expenses templates.

How to use Mileage Log Template

Either download the PDF version and print it out or download the Excel version. Both versions require the same information, enter your name, month and any mileage brought forward from either a previous month or sheet. In the main section enter the date of travel, the reason for the journey and either start and end mileage, which will calculate the miles or enter the total miles.

The total mileage will be calculated for you, and you can then make a reclaim.

Self-Employed Mileage Log Example

Below is an example of a completed mileage log.

Simple Mileage Log Example

Download Simple Mileage log template for self-employed

Follow the links below for either version of the template. By downloading the simple mileage log, you agree to our licence agreement.