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Small Business Advice

Getting the right small business advice is important for any company. We have produced short guides with advice and where to find the correct information.

Accounting Advice

Our guides on accounting basics and bookkeeping basics pages include lots of information on how to set up, understand and run your own accounts.

Employing staff

If you are a small business looking into employing staff in can be very daunting. We have information on how to find the right person, employment contracts and running a payroll.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is very important to protect yourself, employees and other people who may be affected by your business. There are certain policies which need to be put in place.

Insurance Advice

If you are a small business you will need insurance, but which ones are the right ones for your company? There are many different insurance policies and companies out there offering advice.

Legal advice

Whether you are just starting out or already have a business having the right contracts in place may protect your business. Advice included on employment, patents and terms and conditions.


It is important to get the marketing right in any business, information including how to start a web site, selling skills, business cards and advertising.


Most business need technology to be able to operate including, telephones, broadband and computers. What do you need to run your business?

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