Small Business Advice

Small Business AdviceGetting the right small business advice is vital for any company. We have produced short guides with advice and where to find the correct information.

If you are ever not sure if any advice is correct, it is always worth speaking to a professional.

Accounting Advice

Our guides on accounting basics and bookkeeping basics pages include lots of information on how to set up, understand and run your accounts. Getting your bookkeeping right from the start will help the business.

There are lots of choices on how to run your accounts. The options are handwritten, Excel or accounting packages. There are some free accounting software packages, which we have reviewed.

Company Formations

When starting out in business getting the correct company formation is one of the most important tasks.

I have met new business owners that thought the only option was to set up a Limited Company. They didn’t know that there were options for partnerships or self-employed.

Read our Company formations section to see which format might be best for the business.

Employing staff

If you are a small business looking into employing staff in can be very daunting, especially when have to run a payroll.

Some of the Accounting packages have payroll built-in, you just pay a monthly fee. To take away all the stress of running a payroll it is worth getting a payroll agency to complete the work for you.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is very important to protect yourself, employees and other people who may be affected by your business. There are specific policies which need to be put in place. If you are not sure about how health and safety affect your business, there are specialist companies who can help.

A good place to start is the HSE Governments website. They have lots of information about first aid, policies, risk assessment, law and reporting accidents.

Insurance Small Business Advice

If you are a small business you will need insurance, but which ones are the right ones for your company? There are many different insurance policies and companies out there offering advice. Insurance includes professional indemnity, public liability, employer’s liability, business interruption and commercial legal protection.

If you are not sure which insurance you need, speak to a specialist insurance broker.

Small Business Advice – Legal

Whether you are just starting out or already have a business having the right contracts in place may protect your business. Advice included on employment, patents and terms and conditions.


It is essential to get the marketing right in any business, information including how to start a website, selling skills, business cards and advertising. Social media plays a big part in marketing, especially with local businesses.

To start any business marketing I always suggest looking at social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Some will be more suitable than others. To see what works you can follow other businesses in the same line of work.


Most businesses need technology to be able to operate, including, telephones, broadband and computers. What do you need to run your business?

It is worth looking at how you operate and access which equipment you require. Small self-employed businesses can often work with just a portable computer and mobile phone.

A larger business that employs staff will need to look at the equipment that each employee needs.

How to Improve your Cash Flow

Are you struggling with finance and need to save money? Read our guide on how to improve your cash flow. It includes ways to get paid faster, reducing overheads and expenses.

Free Resources

There are many free business resources available on the internet; we list the most useful ones. We have also written our free guides, including starting a business, company formations and saving tax.

If you are not sure if you are getting the correct small business advice, it is always worth speaking to your accountant. They often work with other industries and can recommend people for you to contact.

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