Xero becoming popular accounting software

XERO accounting softwareXero is becoming a popular accounting software around the world. They have just announced their growth figures and have reported 43% growth. The UK market has seen an additional 79,000 users during the last year, with a total of 212,000 now using it. Worldwide there saw an additional 318,000 subscribers.
Why is Xero so Popular

Xero is an easy to use cloud accounting software package and includes the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Bank transactions imported from many different banks
  • Fast bank reconciliations
  • Information can be shared online with bookkeepers and accountants
  • Invoices are created online and can be emailed
  • Dashboard showing quick links to the most popular tasks
  • Free trial
  • Lots of add-ons, including Paypal links
  • Mobile App allowing expenses to be added and sales invoices
  • Lots of useful reports
  • Easy to keep track of debtors and creditors
  • User-friendly

Xero recommended by Accountants and Bookkeepers

Xero is fast becoming one of the most popular accounting software packages, joining Quickbooks and Sage. The reason for this is that the features make it very user-friendly. On opening up the software it takes you to a dashboard showing bank balance, creditors and debtors, other items can also be added. The screens are all easy to use and most people can pick up the tasks fairly quickly. Sales invoices can include a business logo, company colours and other details can be added as comments.

One of the main advantages for bookkeepers and accountants is that information can be shared easily, making month and year-end reporting simple. Files can be added to invoices, which can include a copy of the purchase invoices, contracts or any other useful document, making it easier for accountants to see backup documentation.

Xero free trial

Xero offers a free trial, this is the best way to see if the cloud accounting software is suitable for your business. The trial lasts 30 days giving long enough to post some transactions and see it in full action. To start your free trial, sign up with Xero Accounting.

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