Delivery Note Template

Our simple free delivery note template is available to download at the end of this page.

In this article, we will look at the following:

  • What is a delivery note
  • Options to create a delivery note
  • What information to include
  • Delivery note example
  • Free PDF and Excel Download
Delivery Note Template and Guide

What is a Delivery Note?

A dispatch or delivery note is a form sent with goods to a customer. Law does not require them but are helpful documents for both the supplier and customer. They are also beneficial if there is a dispute in the consignment.

It has a few purposes. The first is for packers to know what items need including with the despatch. It also acts as a reference for customers to check all the goods are the correct ones.

It will show the supplier details, customer details, a list of all the goods in the consignment, date, purchase order number and any other information needed.

What is the difference Between a Delivery Note and an Invoice?

A delivery note is a list of all the items despatched to a customer and shows no value. An invoice shows the value of the goods and the amounts outstanding.

The complete process for orders on a credit basis is:

  • The buyer and seller agree on products and a price. A customer may issue a quotation or purchase order as confirmation
  • The seller ships goods to the customer and includes a delivery note
  • Invoice is issued
  • The customer makes the payment

If ordering online or paid in advance, there might be an order confirmation, the invoice issued immediately, and a delivery note printed ready to despatch the goods.

How to Create a Delivery Note?

There are several options to create a delivery note; a large business might run a stock system that integrates delivery notes as part of the process.

For WordPress websites, there are plugins that you add, and they will generate a delivery note and invoice. The details will appear on the order in WordPress to print a delivery note.

Some accounting software packages include delivery notes, including QuickBooks and Zoho Books. They will both help with creating a delivery note to sending an invoice, and sending payment reminders.

With eBay or other platforms, they include a despatch note.

Use a delivery note template in Microsoft Word, Excel or a PDF.

Do I need to Keep Delivery Notes?

Delivery notes are not a legal requirement but are helpful to check quantities and ensure the despatch of the correct goods.

If there is a later query, you have the complete paperwork to reference.

When you get a delivery note, it is good to check it against the order and perhaps keep it attached to the invoice.

As a supplier, you might want to store them electronically or in paper format. The delivery note can also form part of the invoicing process.

What Information Should I Include on a Delivery Note?

As a delivery note is not a legal requirement, there are no rules on the information you must include.

Below are some suggestions to include in the delivery note:

  • Business logo
  • The company details include supplier name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Customer contact details including business name, contact name, address and phone number.
  • Purchase Order Number and date
  • Delivery note number and date
  • Description of the goods
  • Quantity of goods
  • If there are any goods to follow
  • Space for signature as proof of delivery, name of signature and date

Delivery Note Template Example

Delivery note template example in Excel

Above is an example of our simple delivery note template.

In this delivery note, the Quantity despatch is 10, and there are 2 items to follow. There is space for the customer to sign on receipt of the goods.

Delivery Note Template Excel

Excel free delivery note template

One of the easiest ways to produce a delivery note template is to use a spreadsheet.

We create our free template in Microsoft Excel but works with Google sheets and other free software.

There is also a download for a PDF delivery note to complete by hand.

Instructions for our Delivery Note Template

Use the free download link at the end of this page.

Open up the delivery note template and add your company details, including logo, address and contact details. Save the file as this will be the template you use for all delivery notes.

If you ship to a regular customer, it is worth setting up a template for them; it will save typing in the details several times. Enter the customer details and save the template again.

Once you have the template, it is time to complete the details for each order. It includes:

  • Order reference or purchase order if provided.
  • Order Date
  • Delivery Method, it might be the post office, courier, collection or delivered by hand.
  • Delivery note number and date
  • Complete the details of the goods with an item number (if you use them), a complete description of goods, including colours and sizes, quantity, and if the item is complete (Y/N).
  • If there are any items to follow, it is worth listing them, so it is clear to the customer that there are still supplies to follow.
  • Add any additional notes that might be needed, including any other delivery details for the driver.

Once it is all complete, the delivery note is ready for printing and picking the stock.

Delive5ry Note Template PDF

Delivery Note Template PDF

Our PDF version is a blank delivery note template. We have kept it very simple to complete by hand.

It is an alternative to purchasing a delivery notebook from a supplier.

Free Delivery Note Template Download in Excel and PDF

By downloading our free delivery note templates, you agree to our licence agreement.

Delivery Note Conclusion

A company will use a delivery note to send with goods, to confirm the items and quantities shipped.

It is not a legal document but is helpful if a dispute arises.

The easiest way to produce a delivery note is within the software, but Excel or a PDF template is a good alternative.

If our template is not suitable for your needs, further delivery note templates are available at