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Read our Manager accounting software review. We are always looking out for free accounting software which is suitable for small businesses. We received a request from Manager to add a review to our website. Manager is a product that I hadn’t heard of before, so I started looking at reviews online. I found that a few bookkeepers and accountants use Manager for some of their smaller clients and were impressed with the software.

One of the biggest advantages is that most programs are now all on the cloud, but there are times when you do not have internet access or want to have access to your accounts directly on your computer. The free version of Manager does just this, download the software and get going.

The website has lots of guides to help get you started. On each page, there is also a link – learn how to. Using this gives a list of topics for the page you are on, making it easier to find solutions to any problems you have.

Manager Accounting Software Review Versions

Free version

The free version is downloaded directly onto your computer so that you can work offline. It is a full version allowing you to complete quotes, invoices, bank transactions, Vat and much more. One drawback is that it is only a desktop version and is not suitable for tablets or phones. FREE

Cloud Editon

The cloud edition has all the same features but also includes being able to use it on tablets, multi-users and automatic backups. The cost of the cloud Edition is around the same price as some of the most popular packages including Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Crunch and Sage. The cost is £29 – £39 per month.

Server Edition

The server edition allows you to install Manager onto your companies servers and have all of your staff using and updating one version of your accounts. The main disadvantage is the initial cost of it is £290 or $390, but no ongoing monthly fees.

Manager Accounting Software Review – First Impression

On opening the software for the first time, it will ask you for the business name when entered it will take you straight to the software. On first impressions, it looks easy to use, showing a dashboard.

As with any software, one of the first things you will need to do is edit the settings for the business. Some of the settings include a logo, business details, email settings, Currency, themes for forms, starting balances, chart of accounts VAT registration and tax codes. It is important that this is completed first so that all the figures and forms are correct.

The initial front page has four tabs on the left; it is easy to add to these by using the customize and adding any feature that you need. A few of the customised features include bank account, receipts and payments, customers, quotes, sales invoices, suppliers, bills, assets, stock, employees and payslips

Manager – Getting Started

Manager Accounting Software Screen

After setting up the software and entering any opening balances, it is now time to start entering transactions. To post a bill or invoice you will need to add the supplier or customer first. Creating invoices and bills is straightforward; they can also be emailed directly from the software.

One of the things that I have found on the sales invoices is that you can’t add comments to the invoice. I like to use this feature to add bank payment details, which helps getting paid quicker. There are lots of other features which are available including, discount, late payment fees and changing the form title.

Entering bank receipts and payment are simple using the tab. If you are receiving money from a sales invoice or paying a bill, you will need to find the bill or invoice to record the payment or receipt.

Manager Accounting Software Review – Reports

There are lots of reports available including all the standard one’s balance sheet, profit and loss, aged payables and receivables, statements and trial balance. The reports enable you to keep track of your business as well as sending statements to customers.

Manager Accounting Software Review – Conclusion

As a free software package, I would recommend signing up for the free version and seeing if it is suitable for your business. If you are planning to expand your business within a few years, then in the long term you are better to start on a package that will grow with your business. Better software may come with a fee, but in the long term can save you the heartache, time and money in switching software.

As a UK user, the software is not compliant with making tax digital which came into force for businesses registered for VAT with income over £85,000 from 1st April 2019. They do have plans to implement this for future releases.

Try Manager Accounting Software.

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