Accounts Receivable Ledger Template

Accounts receivable ledger template - Excel

Our accounts receivable ledger template is designed in Excel and simple to use. As with all our templates, it is free, and no registration is required. It can be downloaded at the end of this page.

Keeping a list of sales invoices which are overdue for payment is part of credit control and cash flow. With our template, it will show you how many days overdue invoices are, the amount owing and space that you can note communications with the customer.

It is important to contact customers to chase up payments that are becoming due or overdue. Many businesses fail to complete credit control promptly and can then end up with cash flow problems.

Read our guide on how to complete credit control and chasing customers for money.

Accounts Receivable Ledger Template – Instructions

Download the Excel spreadsheet and open it. At the top, enter your business name.

From your sales invoices enter the details for a customer, invoice date, invoice number and amount. The credit terms are accessed from a dropdown list, and you can choose from 7, 14, 30 or net monthly.

Once all the sales invoice details are added it will automatically calculate the number of days the invoice is overdue and post the amount to the correct period.

Sorting Accounts Receivable Data

Once you have several invoices listed, you may want to sort the information by due date, invoice number or customer name. It is simple to do following the steps below.

  • 1. Highlight the rows that you wish to sort.
  • 2. Using the top Excel ribbon choose – Data – Sort – Use the drop-down list to select the column to sort by.
  • 3. Click OK

Below are two examples sorted by due date and customer name.
Accounts receivable ledger template sort
aged debtors template customer

Removing Paid Invoices

To keep the same amount of rows in the template, once a sales invoice has been paid you need to clear the information from the row (do not delete the row).

  • 1. Highlight the customer, invoice date, invoice number and amount.
  • 2. Use mouse to right click
  • 3. Select clear contents

You may then wish to sort the data to remove the cleared line.

Year-End Accounts Receivable

When you reach your financial year-end the accounts receivable report is part of the management reporting; it is, therefore, worth saving the spreadsheet with a different name. You can then continue using the template to keep your records up to date.

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Accounts Receivable Template

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