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Sales invoice template free download

Our sales invoice template is free to download and use whenever you need it. If you require any changes or colours to fit in with your business, please get in touch as we can complete it for a small fee.

There are two different versions, VAT, and non-VAT. We have developed it in Excel; this allows calculation of the totals once the figures are entered and reduce the risk of errors.

Why use a sales invoice Template?

When providing an invoice to a client, it is important to leave a good lasting impression and having well-designed invoice is one way of achieving it. An alternative is to use a duplicate book or print a form and complete it by hand.

Instructions for use

Download the spreadsheet and open it up.

Add your business details:

The logo can be added by clicking on the area and selecting insert, picture, from a file and choosing the correct logo. If you do not have a logo, this can be deleted or for a reasonable fee request one on Fiverr to be designed.

Complete the section for your business name and address and at the bottom on how to make payment, with either your bank details or cheque payee.

Important: If you are a Limited Company, you must include your registration number, the business name as on the certificate of incorporation and the registered address. There is space on the bottom two rows of the template to include it.

Once all the information has been entered, you now have a template that can be used time and time again. Save this file so that you can find it easy. If you have a customer that you invoice on a regular basis, it may be worth setting one up for them, so you do not need to enter the details each time and save it under the client name.

How to issue a new Sales Invoice

Open up your template and allocate a unique number. Never start your numbering system from 1, as it will look like you are a new business. Choose a number system that fits, maybe using the year first.

Add invoice date, any reference that your customer has supplied.

The section with the description, quantity, and cost can then be filled in. Make sure you give as much information as possible, this reduces the chances of the document being queried by the customer.

Complete the due date.

When everything is finished, save the document with a unique reference that you can find easy.

Print off two copies, one for the customer and one for your files. Even if you email the invoice, it is still worthwhile sending a copy in the post.

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Sales Invoice Template

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