Statement of Account Template

statement of account template

What is a Statement of Account?

Download our free statement of account template in Excel at the end of this page.

A statement of account or customer statement is a useful report for showing your customer how much money they owe. The template also includes an easy to use remittance advice to complete with their payment.

We have included simple images examples to assist with editing the statement.

Statement of Account Template – Instructions

Customer Statement Template Branded

After downloading the template, you will need to brand it to your business. All entries on the main statement will be copied to the remittance advice to save time.

• Delete ‘Your logo here’. If you have a logo upload it and adjust the size to fir the box. To insert logo: Insert – picture – choose an image from file
• Enter your business name, address and contact details
• At the bottom is a section to enter your bank details
• Save the document which will act as a template

Once you have a template, you can start to process customer statements. If you have a regular customer, it will be worth entering their details in the section and saving the document as a template in the customer name. It will save time when you want to issue a new statement to the same client.

Enter the date of the statement.

Entering Invoice details

From your sales invoices start entering the details in each column, date, invoice number and amount. Each transaction is copied to the remittance side. All the invoices posted are automatically totaled at the bottom, it enables you to see how much they owe.

Date format – the form is set to dd/mm/yyyy if you want to change the format:

• Highlight the date cells
• Right mouse click
• Format cells
• Date
• Choose the correct format (Do this on both sides)

When all the details are entered save the document as a new file. If you regularly send statements to a customer, you may want to set a new folder to save all the statements for that customer.

Customer Statement of Account Example

The statement is ready to either post or email to your client. If it is emailed the customer can mark any invoices with a ‘y’ that he is paying and return it to you. With the paper version, they can complete it by hand and return.

Customer Remittance Template Example

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