Flat Rate VAT Calculator

Flat rate VAT calculator

Use our Flat rate VAT calculator to find out how much VAT you would pay if your business is registered for the HMRC scheme. Using the flat rate scheme can save your business both time in not having to record all your VAT transactions and money. To find out more on the scheme, read what is flat rate VAT?

The business is eligible to join the scheme if the taxable turnover is less £150,000 in the next 12 months.

The VAT Flat Rate Scheme is designed to simplify the way you calculate your VAT returns. For companies that qualify, it can also be a way of reducing your VAT liabilities.

Accounting Software for Flat Rate VAT

If you are planing to use the VAT flat rate scheme, the best option to implement it is to use accounting software like QuickBooks. Most software providers will offer the option for flat rate as part of the business settings. Take a look at the following options:



How to use the Flat Rate VAT Calculator

Enter the amount of your total sales, including VAT. Example if you charge VAT on all your invoices and your total sales are £1000, and the VAT rate is 20% you would enter 1200.

Use the table below to find the rate for your business type and enter the figure only. If your business type is not listed a full list can be found on the HMRC website. If you are in your first year as a VAT registered business, you are entitled to a further 1% reduction. Therefore an Accountancy type business would enter 13.5 in the flat rate box.

Business Type   Percentage
Accountancy or Bookkeeping   14.5
Advertising   11
General Building or construction   9.5
Hotel or accommodation   10.5
Printing   8.5
Retailing food, confectionery, tobacco, newspapers or children’s clothing   4
Retailing pharmaceuticals, medical goods, cosmetics or toiletries   8
Retailing other   7.5
Secretarial services   13
Transport or storage   10


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