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Free Guide - Starting a bookkeeping business

We have written a number of free guides for business, accounting and bookkeeping to help you get on top of your business activities.

They’re all short guides that can be read in just a few minutes and written to give you and your business a head start in the world of accounting, tax, cash flow and many other aspects of business life:

Get VAT-Wise

VAT is complicated and there are several different VAT schemes and choosing the right one can save you time and money. The VAT schemes include cash accounting, accrual accounting and fixed rate.

Company Formations

Limited liability? PLC? Partnership? Sole Trader? A step-by-step guide to setting yourself up in business. Choosing the correct formation for your business can be daunting. I have known people to think the only option is to set up a Limited company, but this is not always the best solution.

How to save money in business

There are lots of ways of saving money in business but have you looked at them all our free guides includes different options including overheads, banking, and increasing sales.

Starting a Bookkeeping Business

Are you looking to start your own bookkeeping business? Our guide is based on our experiences in setting up and running our bookkeeping business. It guides you through from qualifications to software and regulations.

Free Guides – Related Accounting Guides

Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping basics is at the centre of all your business accounting reports. Without bookkeeping you will
not be able to keep control of your company finances. The bookkeeping basics section breaks down all the bookkeeping duties and goes through them in detail. It includes sales invoices, purchase invoices, credit control, petty cash and expenses.

Accounting Basics

Understanding the accounting basics within any company is very important. The reports that are compiled will
help you to make decisions about how you need to change or improve your business. We look at each report and explain how they are set out and what information is in each one. The accounting reports are Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Forecasting.

Starting a Small Business

If you’re starting a new business and you want some advice about where to start, our section on Starting a New Business will
tell you everything you need to know in order to get your business on its feet and running!

Small Business Advice

If you are already running a business and want help with day-to-day issues like accounts, bookkeeping, invoicing,
chasing up late-paying customers, cash flow, insurance, health, and safety or even marketing – you’ll find our
running a business section invaluable.

Accounting Software Reviews and Downloads

Reviews on bookkeeping software packages, Microsoft Excel template downloads and free bookkeeping software downloads.

Free Bookkeeping Software

Do you want free accounting software, with no catches? We have reviewed some of the best free bookkeeping software including Pandle and Wave Apps.

Free Excel Bookkeeping Templates

If you already use Microsoft Excel and want to use it to help your bookkeeping, there are some free Excel Bookkeeping
Templates available to help you get started. Our templates include cashbook, petty cash, aged debtors, aged creditors, cash flow and forecasting, plus many others.

How this web site makes us money

Are you wondering why we have written this information web site offering free support without expecting anything in return?
Here’s why we’re doing it.

Lots More Free Stuff

If you want more free guides with marketing, or want business cards and promotional materials without spending a fortune, where
do you go? There are hundreds of places to go to get all this and more. Here’s our guide on what is available and where
to get it.

Further Free Guides for Business

If you are looking for further free business guides The Crunch has lots of useful information.

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