Manual Stock Control

For a business not holding much stock, a simple manual stock control system may suit your needs. A system can be set up using either a card system or a book.

We have produced a free stock control record in Excel. This record will allow you to enter an individual stock item on each sheet and keep a record of items issued and received. It also includes information on minimum and maximum levels, lead time, reorder quantity, where the item is located and supplier details.

Having all this information on one sheet will save time on looking up the details each time you need to place an order.

Manual Stock Control Card system

Manual Stock Control
For a card system, each stock item will have its separate card. The card should include the following information:

  • Description
  • Location of stock
  • Reorder levels, quantities and lead times (if this method is used)
  • Supplier details

This system can also be used in a book having a separate page for each stock item.

Download your free Microsoft Excel stock control record card here.

To use this record you will need a page printed for each stock item, enter the details of the products, supplier and stock. Each time stock is either added
or removed, enter the transaction on the record. If you keep your stock records up-to-date, you will be able to check on all your stock without having to leave your desk.
You will also be able to reorder stock with the information on the record.

Stock Control Excel

We are in the process of developing a simple stock control Excel spreadsheet which will allow you to keep track of all your stock and will include a list of all your stock
and quantities on one page.

Stock control – accounts software

If a manual stock control system is not enough for your business, look into a software package. Most accounting packages include stock control or for an additional cost. I the business holds lots of stock, look into developing stock control system by a specialised company.

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