Personal Budget Template

Person Budget Template free excel spreadsheet

Our personal budget template in Excel is free to download and use. We know the importance of keeping track of your budget and accounts over time.

The spreadsheet is designed to be easy to use. Not only can you set up a budget on one page for the year, but by adding your actual banking of income and expenses month by month, you can compare your estimates with actual figures.

Keeping costs down can be critical especially if finances are tight, trying to save for something or paying off debt. Seeing your accounts on one page can help to achieve this. It can assist to find where savings can be made; lots of useful websites can show you the best way to reduce your outgoings, one of our favourites is Money Saving Expert.

When setting up your budget, you must be realistic about your spending and look at all your costs. It will include things like car servicing, the cup of coffee while you are out and clothes shopping.

Features of personal Budget Template

Person Budget Template actual bank figures
  • Person Budget Template actual bank figures
  • Free to download and use – No catches and no adverts
  • Easy to use – set up and running in 5 minutes
  • Budget for the year entered on one page
  • Income and expenditure categories can be named to suit your needs e.g. salary, rent, utilities.
  • There are five income codes and thirteen expenditure codes
  • The Budget and Banking worksheets for the year printed on one page
  • If your circumstances change your figures can be updated at any time
  • Differences between budget and actual figures are seen in each month and a total page for the year

Personal Budget Template Example

Person Budget Template actual vs budget figures

We have set up an example so that you can see how it works. It can be downloaded, which will give you the chance to experiment by adding entries and changing figures.

Costs are entered for the whole year along with an annual budget. This allows you to see how the spreadsheet may be of use with your own personal accounts.

Business Accounts Budgets

If you run your own small business, then this spreadsheet will work just as well to keep track of your company finances and further information can be found in our templates section.

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