Free Petty Cash Voucher Template

Free petty cash voucher template for petty cash

Download our free petty cash voucher template in Excel at the bottom of this page. If you are new to Petty cash, it is worth taking a few minutes to read the section on Petty Cash. Also included is a petty cash log to record all the transactions and can be used to enter in the accounts software.

Petty cash is the use of money to purchase sundry items; it is useful rather than giving employees payment cards.

How to fill out a Free Petty Cash Voucher Template

The template has been set up as 4 vouchers per sheet; you can either print them off and fill them in by hand (delete the total 0.00) or complete them on the screen.

Each voucher will need the following details completed:

  • Date – This is the date that the cash was taken out.
  • Voucher Number – If you have a few cash transactions, it may make it easier to track them by using a numerical sequence.
  • Description – Enter a full description of what the cash is to be used for.
  • Approved By – If you need someone to authorise the cash, then they can sign here.
  • Cash Received – This can either be the signature or name of the person taking the cash.

If you are giving a cash advance to an employee, record the total amount given. When the change and receipts are returned, enter the change as a minus amount so that the total is the amount spent. Below is an example of a completed voucher.

petty cash voucher example

Attach any receipts that relate to the petty cash transaction to the back and file them altogether.

The vouchers, when complete, can be filed, generally in date order. If you are using them in Excel, you can set up a file within your computer or on the cloud.

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