Fixed Asset Tags

Example of a Fixed Asset Tag
Example of a Fixed Asset Tag

Fixed asset tags and labels are widely available. They can be pre-printed with your company information.

There are many different labels available. At the basic level, they can start with plain sticky labels which you design and number yourself. The next step up is tamper-proof labels containing a unique serial number, which you can buy by the roll or sheet.

It is worth investing in anti-tamper labels even for a basic fixed asset register. These labels will not be peeled off or damaged. You can get these fixed asset labels pre-printed with a logo, barcode or any other information which your business may require.

Fixed Asset Tags are much more resistant to harder conditions, e.g. chemicals, vandals and weather. Tags are made from vinyl, aluminium or durable polyester and use special sealed dyes which make them difficult to damage and render unreadable.

Vinyl tags are the cheapest option and have the benefit of being able to stick to flexible surfaces. They are, however, the easiest to damage or remove. Aluminium is the best all-round solution for durability and longevity, while polyester has the benefit of being suitable for clothing and flexible surfaces.

Fixed Asset Tags – Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are handy for computerised fixed asset systems. Some accounts packages also can use fixed asset barcode labels, by adding a cheap barcode scanner to your existing PC or laptop.

For asset tracking, barcode labels typically incorporate a six or eight-digit unique serial number. It can be scanned using a simple barcode scanner.

Even if you do not want to invest in buying fixed asset software, you can use barcodes with Microsoft Excel to help you with monitoring and tracking assets. Cheap barcode scanners can plug into your desktop or laptop computer, and when a barcode is scanned, the scanner sends the data to the computer as if you typed in the serial number on the keyboard.

There are many suppliers of fixed asset labels on the internet, it is worth taking a look at Data Label.

It means you can have many of the benefits of a fixed asset software package without the cost.

Suitable barcode scanners are available from several suppliers, with prices starting at under £100.

For further information, read our guide on barcode asset tracking.

Fixed Asset Tags – RF Tags

For more valuable assets, you can purchase fixed asset tags that contain an electronically readable serial number that is transmitted wirelessly to an RF antenna. These ‘Radio Frequency’ tags can be hidden from view if necessary and read using a handheld computer.

While the cost of implementing a system using RF tags is generally higher than other methods, the cost of the RF Tags themselves is a few pence each. They are usually incorporated into a sticky label, making them very easy to apply and use.

RF Tags are worth considering where the security of high-value assets is an issue, or where the ability to be able to audit all your assets extremely quickly is of benefit.

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