Petty Cash Excel Template

Petty cash Excel template

To download Business Accounting Basics’ free petty cash Excel template, follow the instructions below. If you have not already read our section on Petty Cash, we recommend you read this first. The section includes a free voucher template, which can be used to authorise payments and record transactions.

It is important to ensure that the correct procedures are put in place to issue and authorise the spending.

Petty Cash Guide

Petty Cash Log

Most businesses run a cash book, but do not account for it, our petty cash template will make it easier to log your transactions, which you can then record in your accounts software or spreadsheet.

The software has been tested and works with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2010.

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Petty Cash Excel Template

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Download Petty Cash Template

Instructions for Petty Cash Template

When you have downloaded start by entering the opening balance of cash. The left-hand columns are for any cash received including money withdrawn from the bank. The right-hand columns allow you to enter payments made and allocate them to the correct category.

After posting all the transactions in the petty cash Excel template you will have a balance c/f at the bottom, this should equal the value of cash. If it does not balance, you will need to check your figures and confirm all the transactions are included.

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