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If you run a business or are a student, you will find accounting calculators helpful. At Business Accounting Basics, we have developed many accounting calculators; they all have full instructions and are easy to use.

Accounting software is great for entering your financial transactions. They include reports, but accounting ratios and calculations are needed to understand the figures.

Below we have listed our most popular online accounting calculators with a link and brief description.

We have also included some links to calculators to purchase and why they make calculations easier.

Net Profit Margin

The net profit is on the Profit and Loss Account, and it is the sales less all costs. Although you may have a great sales figure, the costs may eat up all the profit. Calculating the Net profit margin as a percentage will enable you to understand the figures.

Flat Rate VAT Calculator

HMRC have different schemes to report the VAT. One scheme is the flat rate VAT.

We include a basic list of the most common flat VAT rates and a calculator to enter the sales and the VAT percentage for the business type. Using this form of VAT may save both time and money.

Depreciation Calculator

There are several different ways to depreciate a Fixed Asset. The most popular methods are straight line and reducing balance. Our depreciation calculators will enable you to enter the asset’s value and calculate the depreciation each year.

Simplified Home Office Expenses

If you work from home for at least 25 hours per month, you can claim the simplified expenses.

Three different rates are depending on the number of hours working from home. Our calculator allows you to enter the month at each rate and provides a total claim as expenses.

Prepayments Accounting Calculator

Prepayments in accounting are used to transfer any advanced payments from the Profit and Loss account to the Balance Sheet. An example of a prepayment is insurance. Typically when you take out an insurance policy, it is for a year. A prepayment is required to move the amount that you pay early to the balance sheet.

Our calculator will allow you to work out how much to transfer. Below is an example of our prepayments calculator, which is a worked example.

Prepayments Calculator Example

Cost of Goods Sold

When selling a product, there is a cost involved in purchasing it. By entering the purchase, opening stock and closing stock, the cost of goods sold will be calculated.

Gross Profit Margin

Knowing your gross profit margin as a percentage of sales helps the business understand its performance. Although a company has a high turnover, it may be all eaten up by expenses. The higher the gross profit margin, the better the company is performing.

Accounting Calculators

If you are either completing business accounts or studying accountancy, a good calculator is worth the investment.

The advantages of using a calculator are:

  • Large display screen
  • Larger buttons making it easier for lots of calculations
  • Easy to calculate percentages
  • Saves using the computer calculator while trying to view other figures on the screen.

A few examples of easy to use calculators are available from Amazon.

Accounting Online Calculators Summary

There are many accounting equations and calculations required to analyse business accounts. Along with the calculators, we also have a list of accounting ratios.

All the calculators’ figures are from either the balance sheet or the Profit and Loss account. If you want to read more on these reports, read our accounting basics section.