Excel Accounting Templates

Excel accounting templates for small business

Excel Accounting Templates can be an important part of the business in creating records for transactions. They can help save time and money; the cash book template can save having to pay out for an expensive software package.

The table below shows a list of all our free Excel accounting templates that we have developed. There is a brief description of each spreadsheet and a link.

All our Excel templates have been designed in-house for business or personal use and can all be downloaded free of charge.

If you cannot find the template you are looking for contact us and we may be able to add it for you.

Excel Accounting Templates – List

Accounts Receivable Ledger – Keeping track of money owed by customers can be hard, our accounts receivable ledger template allows you to record all your sales invoice transactions and calculates how many days overdue they are.

Balance Sheet – This is a simple balance sheet for recording all assets and liabilities. It is not suitable for use at Companies House; an accountant will need to complete it for you.

Bank Reconciliation – If you have lots of transactions going through your bank, you may need to complete a bank reconciliation in Excel.
When you receive your bank statement, compare the income and expenditure and record any differences. It can be made up of cheques or payments which have not cleared.

Budget Template – The budget Excel template is suitable for personal or business needs. It allows you to set a budget for a whole year and then record transactions from a bank statement. It shows differences between actual and budget figures, helping you to keep track of spending.

Business Expenses – Our template will help to keep a record of all the expenses, including mileage.
There are two different version VAT and non-VAT.

Cash Book – An alternative to using expensive accounting software is to use an Excel Cash book template.
The template has been designed for ease of use and will help to reduce errors. A total page is available which shows the profit and loss for the whole year. This is our most popular of all the Excel Accounting templates.

Cash Receipts – If you get paid lots of cash, our cash receipts template will allow you to list all the items they have purchased and amounts. This is useful for both the customer and the accounting records.
If more than one copy is required, use a carbon sheet in between which will duplicate the information.

Journal Entry – There are many reasons for needing to enter a journal in accounting – Wrong posting, prepayment, and accruals. Our free journal entry accounting template can be completed in Word or PDF.

Petty Cash Voucher – Running a company may require the use of cash to purchase sundry items, as it can be more convenient than writing cheques or issuing payment cards to staff. Our voucher will help keep track of small purchases.

Petty Cash Template – Our free petty cash template will help to keep a record of all the cash transactions. The total figures are then be posted to the accounts software.

Sales Invoice – Branding your business is important and using a sales invoice will help. Our Invoice allows for a logo and will calculate figures once they are entered. Two different versions are available for VAT and non-VAT.

Stock Control Record – If you hold stock, then using a simple control record may be enough for your records. The stock control card allows you to record supplier details, locations, lead time, reorder levels, quantity in and out and will keep a balance.

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Accounting software packages

Instead of limiting yourself to using Microsoft Excel, most companies will benefit from having a fully developed software package. Traditionally, these have been expensive and difficult to use but over the past few years, the software has become cheaper and more intuitive. One of the popular software packages is XERO, or if you want a simple free one take a look at Pandle.

Cloud accounting software – Online accounts software

Most accounting packages are on the cloud, which means there is a monthly fee rather than a large initial cost. You can gain access to the software from anywhere with internet access. For passing information to your accountant or bookkeeper, they can be invited as a user. Most providers offer a free 30-day trial, this allows time to ensure the package is suitable for your needs.

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